Lila and OzzyBall Lila and OzzyBall Lila and OzzyBall
Photos by Barry Kinsella

The OzzyBall System - OBS

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Create a healthy body and enjoy your life.

Where is Health on your priority list...

Most people have it in the top three.

What are you doing about it Today....

Most people just think about working out.

The creator, Lila Ristevska, Olympic level athlete from  Australia and this web site describes The OzzyBall system; the single most effective fitness plan you will ever experience.

The OzzyBall System prepared me to compete internationally and is still the platform for my personal training. The OzzyBall provides superior strength, flexibility, endurance and will allow you to conquer your toughest opponent........ yourself. 

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In the past twenty years I have used nearly every piece of fitness equipment in existence, and nothing compares to the results generated by the OzzyBall System. The health benefits are tremendous, physical results are incredible, and most importantly, the system accommodates anyone from professional athletes to men and women who just want to lose fat and build muscle without investing a lot of time and expense.

The 3  requirements are;

  1. Desire to be healthy
  2. Desire to become stronger
  3. Desire to become more flexible
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